Friday, 20 April 2012

I want to show you a fairy tale

a year a go (at least!) I made this cute little picture for my son :) I was very pleased with the outcome and my son adores it, so since I have really felt like bragging about it. so here it goes ;)

I fell over this totally cute elefant

and fount it perfect for a project i had in mind! I wanted to do some walhangings in frame for my youngest id, and this elephant cut in half would be perfect! so I made half  an elephant and stitched it on a fine background. The result looked like this

after making half the elephant I stitched it on the background fabric with a very fine embroidery stitch. handstiching would work too I guess, but I wanted the frame effect. I left a gap for stuffing and stuffed a bit of fiberstuffing in to make the elephant look 3D.i then had a bit off batting i ffixed on the backside with glue to make it look fluffy

Then I took a spray adhesive and sprayed it on the background for the photo frame (cheap cheap frame where i discarded the glass). I gently stretched the fabric over the background, and in this step it is important to make the background fabric near the elephant stick. Else your picture will look half done once youre done.

after this step I fixed it in the frame. Its the cutest elephant I have made so far :)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Potato lasagne was the dish tonight

And it is always a hit. its cheap, healthy and filling :) oh and did i mention it tastes good?

today with both meat and lentils

Recipe is so simple

1-1½ kilo potatoes sliced in 1½ mm slices (we use with peel on since its full of vitamin c)
300g minced pork or beef
2 fine chopped onions
250 g green lentils (the small ones)
1 vegtable boullion dice
2 cans of chopped peeled tomatoes
1 clove garlic
and a bit of estragon

boil the lentils in water with the boullion for 15 minutes

sauté onion and meat and minced garlic in a pot. Addpeeled tomatoes and a little bit of water and let it simmer for 10 minutes. ad spice and turn off heat.

take a big ovenproof dish and grease it. put a good layer of potatoes in bottom, ad a layer of sauce and a layer of lentils.

 ad another layer of potatoes, sauce and lentils.

top off with a layer of potaoes and put a little oil on the top. 

season with some salt and pepper. put it in the oven at 200 degrees celcius for 1 hour.

enjoy eating ;)

How to make pots for planting!

I have a huge amount of nicotina plants standing in an old pot. They have grown pretty fast and it was time for them to get their own private space, so i started repotting them today and what happens? I dont have enough pots *sigh*. Since I am active in a gardening group on facebook i told them about my troubles and one fine lady told me how to make pots from old newspapers. she even gave me a link to a thingie i could buy tom make theese pots with :)

Since i like cheap soultions i thought i should be able to make my own pot maker, so i went to the recykling bin and got a beer can. this is how i made them:

Simple easy and CHEAP!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

End of a play day!

Today has been a kids day. Patrick had Søren home to play, and Alexander had Christopher home for playing. What a joy it has been. The four of them hit it off right from start and although the ages was 4-5-9 and 11 it still ended up as equal playing :) its was nice to see that the big boys took their time to be patient about the small boys, and it is absolutely not last time they get to play together. Since I knew I had a picky eater as guest, I decided to make sure there was something for everyone, so we made Hot dogs, salad and parsley chicken filets. Every body digged in and had a good time eating, and afterwards we went for a walk to the local school, so that the small ones could ride their bikes. The parents dropped in on the same time so we had a nice little chat over a cup of coffee before it was time to either take kids home and put them in bed for the others and ditto or me here :)

so heres some pictures of out feast :)

madam Doctor by the way could tell me i had an allergy rash in my its a long time goung with medicine before i get my ears back in shape. Well at least its only them this time ;)

Well it actually tasted good!

One of the things we are focusing on at home right now, is the balance between eating healthy and cheap! with me studying, all of us having expensive hobbies, and the glorious family holiday, which we HAVE to have, there is only a few places to save money. Since im a sucker for good food, and i have my ideas about premade food and sugar, well it kinda leads un in to some discussions ;) Hubby to be finds me expensive and I find him silly ;)

But we try to organize. We have a monthly trip to Germany to buy  food supply's a lot cheaper than here in Denmark. and we buy a lot!

Last time there we decided to try baking out own rye bread. Rye bred is very common food here in Denmark and the backbone in every lunch so to speak. and its expensive now a days. so we decided to try and skip the bought bread and make our own

The first one was absolutely boring!
But the one I made today was good! mushy ans soft and yet still full of good fibers

here's a peak for you

Its not completely home made, since we ended up buying some blends where you only add water, but its good! and if we find it is not too much work we might end up mixing the ingredients ourselves :)

Time to get serious

I thought i could do a little bit of blogging, now that I am waiting for my doctors appointment. Even omnipotent daydreamers like me can get an ear infection ;) And i have one. I am slowly getting to know this one, since its been hanging around since Easter *sigh*

Hopefully madam Doctor can do something about it today, since the other medicine i got apparently didn't work.

So in the meantime i felt like sharing (OK OK! I'll be honest! I felt like bragging a bit ;)  )

At the moment i have revived an old passion for quilting :) its been a bit slow for a time, since my quilt fabric has been a huge mess after the fungi problem we had in the basement. But then i got thrown out from a quilting group on Facebook without any reason at all, so i got peevish and found myself a new group! And what a treat! a lot of wonderful women from all over the world, showing of their fine work! After a bit of bragging myself and thereby a bit of bashing in their nice words about my work, I got to the point where i thought i could ask these women to help me figure out what to do with a stranded project.

So said, so done. I uploaded a picture of my hand stitch project and asked for advice what to do with it, now my right hand didn't like hand stitching anymore. The funny thing is that people gave me lots of really good advice, but my heart wasn't in it.  i didn't want a wall hanging, or a pillow or or or. I saw the possibilities in what they said, but my heart was simply still fixed on this fine quilt. not a bed quilt anymore, but a lap quilt to snuggle up  under when i was watching TV or at the computer.

So what to do? well...I decided to try sewing it on machine. A fine lady advised me to make the machine stitches longer, so the difference between hand and machine wasn't that obvious.

Picture above shows my progress. 2 rows of blocks nearly done and I think that one more row might make it perfect for the couch :)

So sometimes you just need a kick in the but to get going. I needed one since this project stranded 2 years ago ;)

By the way the fine group i really find fantastic is this one :)

And now time to see the doctor so see you around ;)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Unlimited power in your fantasies

Omnipotence:  is unlimited power
Daydreaming: is a short-term detachment from one's immediate surroundings, during which a person's contact with reality is blurred and partially substituted by a visionary fantasy especially one of happy, pleasant thoughts, hopes or ambitions, imagined as coming to pass, and experienced while awake.

The explanations provided by wiki when I Google the word and that is exactly the description of me! Getting head over heels into a daydream where i have unlimited power over how to shape my life, and therefor I always get my happy ending ;)

once the daydreams are over (sometimes even when i daydream) I need to see how well i can shape my happy ending in the real world, where a fairy godmother wont come to my rescue if there's no money, no sun or no vacation ;)

This is when my creative streak kicks in and i start shaping my dreams with the means i have and that is also how a lot of my hobbies got started. Little mule headed me decided, that i wanted something, couldn't afford it and off course! decided it couldn't be THAT hard to try making it myself. i usually get my project done, but I will gladly admit, that some project NEVER get repeated ;)

as the blog comes along i will share my idea and crfts with you :) both those getting perfect and those i just wished i had never been that mule headed about ;)

How to start a blog

I think when you start a blog you're supposed to start with telling who you are and what you want and i have been grumbling about this ever since i killed my kreative blog, since I didn't write enough in it. I needed more. I needed a place where I could capture the day and get to write about what I found important. but i have to admit that i it wasn't because I got greedy and wanted more, I would not have started the Blog today ;) i fell over this blog i have been sneak peaking in and found out that she has a give away. So suddenly I was in a bit of a hurry ;) I'm not sure whether or not i should thank her or if I should have given myself a little more time to get this together the right way but anyhow now its running and i cant wait to share all my little daily delights with all of you

and to get the  greedy part done with :) take a look at this blog and the fine give away with so many nice things in it. If you read danish it is a fine blog to follow i have enjoyed it tremendously

the next couple of days I will use on telling why i choose this name for my Blog, what i do in my tiny garden :) and brag about my latest quilt work and clothes sewing which i use quite some time on when I'm not totally buried in books

Enjoy and good day to you all!